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A message from Pittsburgh City Planning: One of the legacies of Pittsburgh’s economic shift is a large amount and wide variety of vacant and distressed property.  Finding viable interim uses, preserving future opportunities, and crafting long-term solutions for this inventory of land are key challenges with which Pittsburgh has been grappling.  Therefore, one recommendation of [...]

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PCRG is pleased to welcome Laura Meixell, the Analytics and Strategy Manager for the Mayor’s Office, to PCRG’s next Safe Neighborhoods Network (SNN) meeting on Thursday, July 17th from 6 – 8 PM at PCRG’s office (1901 Centre Ave, Suite 200). Laura will share how the city is using social media platforms and other mechanisms to share information [...]

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In 2003, a group of Pittsburgh-area artists, called the Industrial Arts Co-op (IAC), descended on the LTV Coke Plant in Hazelwood to construct a monumental piece of sculpture that represented Pittsburgh’s working class values and industrial heritage.  After over a decade of fabrication, The Workers was complete.  Commissioned by the city of Pittsburgh and created [...]

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PCRG member, Hazelwood Initiative, Inc., is assisting building owners in Hazelwood’s Second Avenue commercial corridor with the application process for the URA’s Streetface Program for commercial façade improvements. This program provides a grant to building owners of up to $30,000 per property. Owners must contribute 20% of the overall cost of improvements with the URA [...]

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PCRG formed to provide a coordinated response to the bank practice of “redlining” — the refusal of conventional mortgage credit in low-income communities — and has used the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) as a tool to advocate for equitable investment practices in our region. The CRA passed in 1977 and has provided trillions of dollars of investment into minority [...]

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PCRG’s 20th Annual Mortgage Lending Study highlighted the importance—and lack—of local bank lending in minority communities. These neighborhoods experienced longer and steeper declines in loan originations during the Great Recession, followed by a slower recovery, contributing to the disproportionate loss of wealth among minorities between 2008 and 2012. Today, mortgage lending in Allegheny County minority Census [...]

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On May 8, 2014, PCRG kicked off a planning effort that will span more than two years and focus on the area within a half-mile of the Martin Luther King, Jr. East Busway for its entire length. The East Busway Corridor Revitalization Project seeks to explore the opportunities for improvement that will support transit use, [...]

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  Organization:  Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania Founding Date:  Founded in 1982 as The Pennsylvania Low Income Housing Coalition (PALIHC), renamed itself the Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania in 2003 Executive Director:  Liz Hersh Current Staff Size:  Three staff members at home office in Pittsburgh, one staff member in the Harrisburg office, seven staff members in the [...]