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October, 2014

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<<Back to Newsletter Archives Table of Contents How Payday Lending Died In The PA Senate PCRG Is Hiring Community Coordinators! Nearly 1,500 Parcels Surveyed in Elliot We Did Three Coast-to-Coast Trips Across the US Events & Announcements How Payday Lending Died In PA Senate Last modified on 2015-06-08 20:36:40 GMT. 0 comments. Top. Payday Lending [...]

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PCRG is currently seeking candidates to fill Community Coordinator positions in each of the following three communities: Hazelwood, Sharpsburg, and Beltzhoover. The Community Coordinator position is full time and works under PCRG’s Reimagining Communities Initiative (RCI) program. Those interested in the position should submit a cover letter and resume to Steve Novotny, RCI Program Manager, [...]

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Payday Lending Dead Again.  Thank you, members!  And please thank Sen. Brewster! The zombie-brained idea that just doesn’t want to die got a big nail in its coffin this October– and your action helped.  Payday lending went down in flames in the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee, which we’d come to view as friendly to [...]

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Nearly 1,500 parcels, including residential, commercial, and vacant land, were surveyed for condition and vacancy in West Pittsburgh’s Elliott neighborhood. The data was collected on behalf of the Elliott Community Group as part of PCRG’s Reimagining Communities Initiative (RCI). Several members of the Elliot Community Group received property survey training and participated in the project alongside PCRG staff. Four [...]

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Even though Pittsburgh lost to Cleveland in the Rust Belt Challenge, PCRG would still like to celebrate its participation in the National Bike Challenge and thank all of the PCRG Bike Team riders for diligently logging their miles. During this year’s five-month challenge period (May-September), the twenty-person PCRG Bike Team collectively rode over 11,000 miles [...]