PCRG is served by its 2014-2015 Board of Directors. PCRG’s board, elected by its member organizations, consists entirely of representatives from its members.


Chris Beichner
Executive Director, Allegheny Land Trust

Immediate Past- Chair
Aggie Brose
Deputy Director, Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation

LaShawn Burton-Faulk
Executive DirectorManchester Citizens Corporation

Vice Chair
Lauren Byrne
Executive DirectorLawrenceville United

Tracey Evans
Executive DirectorWilkinsburg Community Development Corporation

Jerome Jackson
Executive DirectorOperation Better Block

Paul Johnson
Board MemberMexican War Streets Society

Greg Jones
Executive Director, Economic Development South

Marimba Milliones
Executive Director, Hill Community Development Corporation

James Richter
Executive DirectorHazelwood Initiative

John Valentine
Executive DirectorPittsburgh Downtown Community Development Corporation

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