PCRG is staffed by hard-working, dedicated, community-minded individuals looking to make a difference in the city of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County. Here at PCRG, we are committed to learning, growing, and changing.

People who work at PCRG are:

  • Cooperative and committed to the success of the organization and our members;
  • Flexible, efficient, and maintain a quick pace;
  • Accountable, dependable, trustworthy, and honest;
  • Positive, kind, and open to diversity;
  • Patient and open, even in stressful situations.


If you are prepared to make a serious commitment to our organization and have the skills, talent, and characteristics we are looking for, please look at the open positions below and forward your resume to the appropriate email address.

Open Positions:

Outreach Coordinator

Benefits and Salary

Salary Range for this position is $30,000 – $40,000 based on education and experience.  Our benefits package includes medical/dental/vision insurance, disability and life insurance, and 401(k) individual retirement plan 90 days after hire. Additionally, PCRG promotes reducing the carbon footprint and can provide a travel stipend equal to the cost of a monthly transit pass.


The Outreach Coordinator works on-the-ground to build consensus and a collective voice around issues and initiatives that PCRG is championing.  This person also helps PCRG identifies and aggregates member issues, finds commonality between them, and brings them back to PCRG for consideration and incorporation into its member-focused advocacy agenda. The Outreach Coordinator is the day-to-day interface with PCRG members’ first, and other neighborhood stakeholders as appropriate, ensuring that consistent and clear communication channels between all components of PCRG’s work and its members are always open. In addition to developing an acute understanding of neighborhood conditions and dynamics, the Outreach Coordinator identifies member and key stakeholders technical and organizational capacity such as background material, data, and research. The Outreach Coordinator also ensures that coordination with partner organizations is complementary and supportive. The Outreach Coordinator ensures that PCRG’s Director of Policy and the Manager Engagement and Programs are adequately informed of on-the-ground issues and organizing progress, and identifying and relaying potential obstacles or opportunities in a timely manner. The position reports to the Manager of Engagement and Programs.


  1. Establish and conduct regular meetings and communications with PCRG member organizations;
  2. Work with PCRG member organizations to identify other neighborhood groups and leaders for engagement;
  3. Work with PCRG member organizations to plan and implement initiatives, meetings, trainings, and outreach;
  4. Maintain and cultivate outreach channels to full range of partner grassroots stakeholders including PCRG members, labor and faith-based communities, partner activist and advocacy organizations, individual community leaders, and other place-focused nonprofits as appropriate;
  5. Work with Manager of Engagement and Programs, and Director of Policy to identify key issue areas, outreach gaps, and areas of opportunity to expand connectivity and member involvement;
  6. Create and implement a recruitment strategy for diverse representation in PCRG’s advocacy, identifying appropriate messaging and methods of engagement;
  7. Identify like-minded groups who are not active with PCRG and cultivate new relationships with them;
  8. Represent agency at appropriate coalition and working group meetings as assigned, identify and act on determined outcomes;
  9. Work with PCRG’s Media and Events Coordinator to provide content for PCRG’s newsletter, website, and other online channels, and help update and maintain the organization’s contact database and mailing lists. Maintain the member portal on PCRG’s website;
  10. Host information sessions, events, and trainings as appropriate;
  11. Maintain positive relationships with staff, board members; membership, external stakeholders, and elected officials, informing them of ongoing movement toward meeting PCRG’s goals and objectives;
  12. Provide information to Executive Director, as spokesperson for the organization, to promote a positive image of PCRG throughout the region;
  13. Utilize processes for tracking project activity, outreach, and leadership development as directed, use process to provide regular updates to other PCRG staff;
  14. Other relevant duties as assigned to the position.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  1. Empathetic sensitivity to issues stemming from the institutional marginalization of minority and low/moderate income individuals and communities;
  2. Ability to proactively, effectively engage with stakeholders of widely varying racial, socioeconomic and age backgrounds;
  3. Excellent inter-personal, oral communication and writing skills;
  4. Strong facilitation and consensus-building skills;
  5. Highly organized self-starter with a high self-standard of performance, and goal creation;
  6. Capacity to identify new challenges and opportunities, and formulation of strategies and tactics to address the same;
  7. Ability to synthesize multiple viewpoints and opinions, incorporate them into work as appropriate;
  8. Ability to simultaneously and effectively manage multiple projects in a fast-paced environment;
  9. Flexibility to change direction and respond to the needs of a dynamic system, yet remain effective;
  10. Broad understanding of the impacts of underlying factors to institutionalized poverty and racism such blight, disinvestment, and socioeconomic and physical isolation;
  11. Ability to understand and communicate various representations of data and information such as tables, graphs, and maps;
  12. Microsoft Office Suite proficiency required.  Proficiency with creative software such as the Adobe Suite, and tools such as CRM and GIS a plus;
  13. Ability to adhere to deadlines and established benchmarks;
  14. Ability to set high goals and standards of performance and meet these expectations while working in the field or remote office locations;
  15. Maintains and promotes social, ethical, and organizational norms in conducting internal and external business activities.

Education and Experience

A Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work or a related field with 1-3 years’ experience or the equivalent combination of education and/or experience in community organizing/community development.

Please send resume and cover letters to Ernie Hogan, 


VISTA Leader (AmeriCorps)

Applications must be submitted via Any questions should be forwarded to Ernie Hogan, with ”VISTA Leader Position” in the subject line.

Full-time · $14,713/year

Mandatory: at least one full (12-month) term with AmeriCorps or PeaceCorps, some college education, willing to re-locate to Pittsburgh for at least 12 months

AmeriCorps Member Duties:

  1. Lead and coordinate recruitment efforts for PCRG and its partner organizations for potential members.
  2. Provide technical support to VISTA member applicants and staff throughout the recruitment process.
  3. Maintain regular and ongoing communications with VISTA members to track progress, recognize accomplishments, and provide support and feedback.
  4. Provide support to current VISTA members, including mentoring, leading conference calls, and seeking additional resources to aid VISTA members’ professional development.
  5. Plan and coordinate special service events that engage the PCRG cohort and other AmeriCorps Members serving in the Pittsburgh area.
  6. Assist with organizing and conducting orientations for new VISTA members and corresponding staff.
  7. Counsel VISTA members during exit and transition planning.


Capacity VISTA 

Applications must be submitted via Any questions should be forwarded to Alyssa P. Lyon |, with ”VISTA Leader Position” in the subject line.

Full-time · $12,311/year 

Capacity VISTA Duties:

  1. Form a comprehensive policy vision and  better align PCRG technical assistance and capacity building services;
  2. Drafting reference materials to improve awareness of Allegheny County Economic Development (ACED) programming, including the Allegheny Together initiative, which focuses on revitalizing local business districts;
  3. Stimulating connections between public officials, grassroots leaders, community stakeholders, and residents in these areas to realize community needs;

Sustaining the previous VISTA’s work in blight abatement by:

  • Helping communities navigate the conservatorship process;
  • Promoting utilization of the Tri-COG (Council of Governments) Land Bank.

The complete job description may be viewed here: Capacity Vista Service Listing