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After several continuous years of success, PCRG’s AmeriCorps VISTA program is still going strong.  Continuing in the 2019-2020 VISTA year, the Pennsylvania State Office has decided to offer AmeriCorps VISTA support to PCRG and affiliated organizations in the amount of 10 site placements.  Since 2017, PCRG’s AmeriCorps program has witnessed sustained growth and expansion, through [...]

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PCRG hosted its annual Membership Meeting during the 2018 Community Development Summit; serving nearly 700,000 people of southwestern Pennsylvania’s urban core, PCRG membership is comprised of over 55 member organizations consisting of community development corporations, community based organizations and various tier two service groups.  Kicking off the meeting, PCRG provided a brief overview of organizational [...]

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During this year’s 7th Annual Community Development Summit, PCRG membership ratified the election of its newly elected board members.  These delegates will go on to serve PCRG for the 2017-2019 term.  Please meet our new board members below:     Chris Koch joined Design Center Pittsburgh in July 2012 and currently serves as Chief Executive [...]

  If you’re interested in buying a fixer-upper and would like to learn more about a unique financing option, Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group (PCRG) will hold an info session for the Community Acquisition and Rehabilitation Loan (CARL) on Wednesday, February 8th from 6 – 7 PM at PCRG (1901 Centre Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15219). These information sessions will [...]

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We did it!  On November 8, 2016, Gladstone Community Partnership, LLC, a subsidiary of Hazelwood Initiative, Inc., purchased the Gladstone Middle School after more than a year of engagement, advocacy, and planning around this large and transformative site on Hazelwood Avenue. For 15 years, Gladstone School in Hazelwood sat silent on the bluff overlooking a [...]

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Since January 2015, PCRG’s Reimagining Communities Initiative has worked with residents and community organizations in Hazelwood on a variety of projects. This September, several of those long-running projects have been completed. Gladstone School Project On September 13th, the Hazelwood Initiative and Center of Life convened members of the community for an update on the status [...]

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Kim Allen is a longtime resident and business owner in Hazelwood.  Her restaurant, Fat Rai’s is only one of two eateries in the neighborhood where residents can drop in for a quick meal. Most recently, Fat Rai’s provided food and beverages for the Gladstone school series, where residents and stakeholders collaborated successfully in order to [...]

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Image: James Knox / Tribune-Review. Sonya Tilghman in front of the Gladstone Middle School Building. Organization: Hazelwood Initiative, Inc. Founding Date: 1994 Executive Director or President or Board Chair: Sonya Tilghman Current staff size and composition: 1 full-time employee (Executive Director) 1 part-time employee (Operations & Engagement) and a partnership with PCRG through RCI for additional staff [...]

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The community of Hazelwood is celebrating the unanimous decision of the Pittsburgh Public Schools board of directors to approve the sale of the Gladstone Middle School building for redevelopment.  Sitting on six acres of land in the middle of the neighborhood, the historic building was vacant for over fourteen years as the school board struggled [...]

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A community meeting discussing the future of the Gladstone school building in Hazelwood will take place this Tuesday, November 10th at 6:00 PM. The meeting will be hosted by Propel Hazelwood located at 5401 Glenwood Avenue. The meeting is open to the public and community members are encouraged to bring their friends and neighbors. The goal [...]