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Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is a high-quality bus-based system that delivers a higher quality, more attractive transit experience than typical bus operations. It does this via busways or dedicated lanes with train-like stations, off-board fare collection, high service frequency, and easily-recognized routing. Because it contains features similar to a light rail or metro system, BRT is [...]

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It’s rightly one of Pittsburgh’s hottest community development topics, and we felt that it was time that we had a discussion about what to do about it. Pittsburgh is changing at a rapid, accelerating pace. Investment of all types are reinvigorating local economies, bringing more opportunities than we’ve had in generations.  But, this makeover continues [...]

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You read that right. 20 years ago this month, PCRG and its members began this journey toward a land bank and other tools to recycle Pittsburgh’s blighted, vacant, and abandoned properties. It’s actually why our Vacant Property Working Group – VPWG – was created. Since then, VPWG has successfully advocated for the critical policies, tools, [...]

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With Pittsburgh’s economic future on a trajectory many haven’t seen in their lifetimes, Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group’s (PCRG’s) sixth annual Community Development Summit will examine the power that place plays in the future of not just the region, but communities throughout its urban core. Over 400 banking, public finance, real estate, development, philanthropy and nonprofit [...]

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Today, Pittsburgh is more than on the mend. It is on a trajectory that most of us have not seen in our lifetimes. However, without groups like the Community Technical Assistance Center, that may never have come to pass. CTAC was established, like PCRG, at a time of roiling strife throughout many of Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods. [...]

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PCRG recently submitted the following testimony to Port Authority regarding its fare policy proposal. PCRG has put considerable effort into understanding the benefits and disadvantages of this policy, including the implications for our neighborhoods. We have several concerns regarding the upcoming move away from cash fares; in particular, what it means to those most reliant [...]

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If you spend any time near Downtown Pittsburgh’s Sixth and Smithfield corner, you’ve probably noticed the sidewalk extension installed earlier this year.  What that’s all about was revealed this week, as Envision Downtown transformed it from simple bus stop into a full-on, street-level transit station. We couldn’t be happier. Why?  For over 6,000 reasons, plus [...]

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Pittsburgh, PA – The 2015 Make My Trip Count survey results are out, and while driving alone may be the single-largest preferred mode, it’s not in the majority. Especially in Downtown, transit is a real contender for the mode choice throne. Biking and walking are also growing, and fast. Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group lauds the [...]

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We need you to act now on the state budget. The House will decide TODAY whether they have the votes to pass the agreed-to budget bill, SB1073.  Everyone but a small group of House Rs supports this bill, and they need to hear that you do as well, Click here or use this contact list [...]

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For Immediate Release: Contact: Chris Sandvig, Regional Policy Director T: 412-728-3339 E: csandvig@pcrg.org Regional Transportation Alliance an important step toward improving mobility, transportation access for SWPA communities  Pittsburgh, PA – The Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group (PCRG) joins regional leaders in support of the kickoff of the Regional Transportation Alliance. The organization, of which mobility access [...]