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As many of you know, Pittsburgh has an acute shortage of affordable housing.  The reasons for the shortage are complex, and include factors as varied as: the Federal Housing Administration’s mortgage lending requirements in mid-20th century America, which preferred single-family homes in homogeneous neighborhoods over mixed housing forms in heterogeneous neighborhoods; the decline in Pittsburgh’s [...]

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The dust is starting to settle from our 2018 Summit. As always, our sessions are the heart of our Summit, and we couldn’t have a conference without our speakers. This year’s sixteen sessions were a blend of practical, how-to sessions; best-practice program reports; and reflections on the industry as a whole. Most of our speakers were [...]

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  Every year, our Summit Steering Committee sifts through piles of session proposals to select session on topics that are of immediate importance to the greater Pittsburgh region. The 2018 Community Development Summit, taking place on May 15-16, will feature sixteen sessions, two mobile workshops, an interactive workshop, and three plenary sessions, presented by over eighty [...]

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In 2018, PCRG is celebrating its 30th anniversary of working for economic justice and equitable resources to revitalize the Pittsburgh region. Our founders knew that communities had the tools within themselves to succeed, and working together was crucial to achieving our collective goals as a region. At this year’s Summit, our sessions are focusing on [...]

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Each year, PCRG prides itself on bringing in dynamic speakers from across the country to present some of the newest and most challenging ideas to regional community development. At this year’s Summit, our keynote speakers will address issues that can be difficult to face but have important implications for our collective work. In addition to [...]

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2018 is in full swing, and so is planning for the Annual Community Development Summit. Over the last few years, we have explored like Building Complete Communities, Reaching Across Boundaries, and The Power of Place, putting the focus on projects that can be implemented to improve our neighborhoods. This year, we’re taking a different approach: we’ll be celebrating [...]

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The winter is here, and with winter comes our annual tradition: seeking speakers for our Community Development Summit in the spring! PCRG’s 2018 Community Development Summit will take place May 15-16, 2018 and we are seeking outstanding sessions on all topics relating to community development. Our sessions in the past have covered everything from land [...]

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Two weeks ago, on Tuesday, November 14, the House Urban Affairs Committee held a hearing entitled A Progress Report on PA Land Banks at the Five-Year Mark. Witnesses testified to the accomplishments of land banks across the state. The hearing provided an opportunity for reflection; while much has been accomplished, land banking in Pittsburgh is still more theoretical [...]

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Justin has been at PCRG since September 18th, working as an Executive Ally through CORO Pittsburgh’s Public Allies program. Justin is currently developing both a capitalization plan as well as a communication plan for the Community Acquisition and Rehabilitation Loan (CARL). He is working closely with both PCRG’s Executive Director as well as Walter Burlack, [...]

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Aaron Salituro is the newest arrival at PCRG. He will be serving as the new AmeriCorps VISTA Leader. Aaron will be leading a cohort of six VISTA members, each serving within the Pittsburgh community. Over the course of the next year, Aaron will be guiding members through their service by acting as a resource for them [...]