Bloomfield Uses New Mobile App to Track Property Conditions

1 Jul


Bloomfield Survey GraphicPittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group (PCRG), in partnership with Bloomfield Development Corporation (BDC), has expanded its Reimagining Communities Initiative (RCI) into Bloomfield.  A comprehensive inventory of residential properties throughout the neighborhood began in early May. Property conditions of every residential property are being rated, giving BDC a baseline to measure the current housing conditions in the community.

“With the help of residents, volunteers, and PCRG staff, we were able to complete our goal of 2,500 parcels before the end of June,” said Josh Rolon, Community Coordinator at BDC who was hired through RCI’s financial support. “Having this comprehensive information will be beneficial to the work and priorities of BDC and will allow us to more effectively serve our residents,” he said.

The inventory was conducted using Site Control, a mobile application developed by LOVELAND Technologies. LOVELAND is well-known for using their app to survey and map the condition of every single property in Detroit. The Bloomfield inventory is the first time that Pittsburgh residents have had access to this tool.

As part of the investment in Bloomfield, PCRG is leveraging staff, technical assistance, and financial support to facilitate sustained revitalization efforts. The information gathered will allow BDC to match residents with existing services to help maintain and improve their homes, contributing to overall sustainability and equity of the neighborhood.

RCI in Bloomfield is made possible by private contributions from S&T Bank and First Commonwealth Bank through the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development’s (DCED) Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP).