Coming Soon: Transportation Camp 2016

14 Oct

Many people have been thrown off after hearing that Pittsburgh’s upcoming Transportation Camp is being held in an “unconference” style. Most traditional conferences are composed of breakout sessions, panels, keynote speakers, and planned events throughout the day. So what is an “unconference”? In the “unconference” style, people attending will dictate what topics are discussed and create sessions based off of each person’s own interests, using analog crowdsourcing. Using this style, there are endless opportunities for each and every participant to get involved and help shape the future of transportation in the Pittsburgh region.

Whether you’re a politician, planner, practitioner, engineer, thinker, scientist, student, or just interested in learning more, this is an event for you. Come out to Transportation Camp, on Saturday November 19th, to participate in conversations about improving Pittsburgh’s regional transportation system and its future. This is an opportunity to mingle with people from all backgrounds and find others, who share similar interests — discuss big projects or small scale projects, bike infrastructure improvements to transportation demand management strategies, or an idea for a new, innovative app.

Interested in the event and want to learn more? Visit to find out additional details and updates. Don’t forget to register at We hope to see you there!