2016 Community Development Summit

On May 17 and 18, 2016, community and economic development professionals, lenders, public officials, developers, planners, and others passionate about building and sustaining healthy, vibrant, and sustainable communities came together for the Sixth Annual Community Development Summit.

The 2016 theme was The Power of PLACE. Building off the previous year’s theme, in 2016, sessions and workshops went beyond placemaking, to place-holding, -establishing, and -growing. Attendees explored the intersection of people and places and the critical, iterative role and notion of POWER within those frames.

PLACE. It has the power to unlock or limit opportunity – economic, social, health, education. We cannot deny its centrality in life outcomes – for many, where one lives largely determines life trajectory. We must also acknowledge the agency of people to define, make, and grow place. For without people, place loses meaning. How do we empower people with the skills, resources, and capacity to transition places into equitable, healthy, and desirable communities?

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