2017 Mobile Workshop

Community Supported Sustainability in Allegheny Rivertowns

The neighboring Allegheny River communities of Millvale, Etna, and Sharpsburg are facing new opportunities and old challenges involving equity, water, food access, air quality, mobility, and energy as the amount of new development is increasing in these three City of Pittsburgh-adjacent riverfront boroughs after decades of decline and disinvestment. Local organizations, public officials, and residents are coalescing around shared visions for each community to ensure that new development and local changes are equitable, sustainable, and beneficial to the entire area and people who call it home. Join the Millvale Community Library, Etna Borough, and Sharpsburg Neighborhood Organization as they lead a tour highlighting recent work completed – collaboratively and individually — throughout the communities, current initiatives taking shape, and future plans for community-oriented progress throughout these towns and across their boundaries. Stops on the tour will include local riverfront parks, business districts, community gardens, development sites, public art installations, and green projects.