Community Development Award Nomination Form

2017 Community Development Award Nomination

  • PCRG’s Community Development Awards recognize outstanding achievement in the revitalization of urban neighborhoods in Greater Pittsburgh. Any program or initiative that creates a positive, lasting impact on the physical, social, or cultural fabric of a community is eligible for an award. Any project that restores, preserves, or redevelops a neighborhood is eligible. Nominated projects can be in any phase of completion. Nominated projects/programs will be evaluated based on their level of innovation or creativity, the amount of community engagement and/or support for the project, the use of (formal or informal) partnerships and collaborations to bring the project/program to fruition, and the success of the project/program to date. Up to four projects may be selected for an award. Eligible nominees include community development corporations, community based organizations, other non-profit organizations, for-profit and non-profit developers, architects, planning firms, churches, or any other organization, agency, or company working to revitalize Pittsburgh’s urban core and the Greater Pittsburgh Region.

  • Project Information

  • Examples of eligible projects include community plans, neighborhood-based real estate development, community greening or art projects, and effective community organizing strategies.
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    Please fill out the contact information for the nominee below. If you are nominating an organization, agency, or company, this individual will serve as the primary contact and will be notified should the nominee be selected for an award. If you are nominating a project/program that is a collaboration between more than one organization, you may include secondary contact information in the following section. Both individuals/organizations will receive notification if the project is selected to receive an award.
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    Fill out this section only if it is different than the contact information provided for the nominee.