Call for Proposals

CommUNITY: The Power of People in Action

Pittsburgh’s re-emergence as a region of opportunity brings possibilities unimaginable a couple years ago.  It has, however, also passed over many communities and pushed still others even further behind.  Community development may have been born out of stemming decline, but its core mission remains the same in this new reality. We break down barriers – physical, political, or organizational – so that marginalized places and people may thrive and invest within themselves.  A place’s legacy– good or bad – can be the foundation upon which we organize ourselves, facilitate public and private investment, and create opportunities that not just attraact the outside, but lift up from within.  Growth and innovation’s unintended consequences challenge our normal approaches, and new models must be explored.  They must be implementable, however. We have heard that loud and clear: today’s practitioners across the community development spectrum need real, actionable, holistic solutions to persistent problems that make the not-so-usual suspects part of our team.

CommUNITY: The Power of People in Action examines how people take concepts, build support, and put them into action. Community development leaders across the spectrum want to know how to smartly effect change, in every area that impacts our communities and their people.  We seek lasting change that pays dividends to residents, entrepreneurs, responsible developers and investors.  We want to break the cycle of triage management and create true wealth and opportunity. At the 2017 Community Development Summit, we will lift up models that have successfully achieved these goals.

We are seeking directors, coordinators, and experienced community development practitioners of all kinds to come and address Summit attendees. We want to hear from those who are interacting with people on the ground or putting a new program into motion. We’re looking for those willing to share their real world experience with innovative ideas. Is that you? Fill out a session proposal form below! All applications are due by midnight on Sunday, February 12, 2017.