“I’m proud to say I am now a member of PCRG.”

24 Jul

Recently, Washington Financial Bank—PCRG’s newest bank partner—asked for some help in understanding the demographics of the eastern and western part of Allegheny County, an area where the bank is hoping to expand its lending.

Chris Oravetz, Washington Financial Bank’s Compliance Manager and CRA Officer, was re-evaluating the Bank’s current assessment area when she needed assistance in determining census tract information in an unfamiliar area. Rachel Rue, PCRG’s Research Analyst, was able to provide Chris with demographic information for municipalities in the requested areas and other nearby low- and moderate-income areas. Rachel also prepared for Chris a number of additional sources that could provide a more comprehensive picture for the areas’ demographic characteristics.

Chris said, “I was so impressed, I brought this to the attention of our Chief Operations Officer…Needless to say, based on this experience, I am proud to say I am now a member of PCRG. I’m very grateful to have this organization partner with me on all my CRA needs.”

In addition to assisting bank partners with their CRA needs, PCRG’s research team also assists its members with understanding complex data sets and reports like our 20th Annual Mortgage Lending Study.  We can also provide Neighborhood Data Consultations to our PCRG members; this information can be used to strengthen grant applications with concrete statistics and help your organization secure funding. Become a PCRG member today!

If you have a research related question or would like to request a Neighborhood Data Consultation, please feel free to reach out to Rachel Rue, PCRG’s Research Analyst, at rrue@pcrg.org or (412) 391-6732 ext. 202.