30 Nov

PCRG was pleased to place our spotlight on Bonafide Bellevue, the community development corporation that has been at the forefront of revitalization efforts in Bellevue. Kathy Coder, president of the organization, provided PCRG with a great deal of insight on what is taking place in Bellevue and the best things this town has to offer.


bigr1. Organization: Bonafide Bellevue – (Powered by BIGr-Bellevue Initiative for Growth and Revitalization)
2. Founding Date: November, 2008
3. Executive Director or President or Board Chair: Kathy Coder
4. Current staff size and composition: All volunteer, no staff.
5. What geographic area do you serve? Bellevue and the North Boroughs.
6. What is your mission statement?
Bonafide Bellevue is Community Development Corporation. Our purpose is to bring growth and revitalization to Bellevue’s residential and business district.

7. What is one project or program that you are really excited about?
The rejuvenation of our Downtown Business District.

8. What are some of your organization’s recent accomplishments?
The Bellevue Farmer’s Market, Bellevue House Tour, Live. Learn. Grow series, Historic House Plaque Initiative, Community Herb Garden, Memorial Park Bike and Hike Trail, and our on-going annual initiative: Improve the VUE.

9. Tell us what you love about your neighborhood. What is your neighborhood’s best kept secret?
Bellevue is one square mile and a totally walkable community (even our School District) with easy access to public transportation. Many diverse and fascinating people make their home in Bellevue, including pro athletes, a world-renowned opera singer/ teacher (who Pavarotti would stay with while in Pittsburgh), a National Geographic photographer, as well as young people starting their careers and people who have lived here their whole lives. We have a vibrant downtown with new businesses emerging regularly. We are the best location in Pittsburgh – no tunnels, easy access to the city, and 20 minutes to anywhere, but the best thing is the sense of community. We are the “Mayberry RFD” of Pittsburgh.

10. What is a restaurant or business in your neighborhood that partners with your organization for events or has partnered with your organization in the past? How has it helped you?
It would be hard to pick just one since we have so many businesses, churches, and restaurants that support us. Many of these organizations let us use space for meetings, and generously give in-kind, money, and time to help us be successful.

11. List an interesting fact about your organization, leadership, history, the area you serve, or other topic.
In 2017, the town of Bellevue had its 150th anniversary.

12. What are some of your upcoming events?
December 1st is the Bellevue Holiday Market! Stop by The Center of Bellevue (2 N Sprague Ave) from 5-9pm and visit some of our favorite regular-season vendors as well as some fresh, new faces! In addition, Live. Learn. Grow, an ongoing personal enrichment series, has upcoming events on subjects such as, diversity and inclusion, cooking, power tools for women, and homeowner education.

13. Contact information:

Name of contact person for further inquiries: Kathy Coder
Phone: 412-716-0445
Address: 25 North Bryant Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15202
Link to Website: www.bonafidebellevue.com