10 Feb


On February 10, 2017, the Pittsburgh Land Bank Board of Directors released the long-awaited Policies and Procedures draft. The draft document can be read in full and in a summarized version on the Pittsburgh Land Bank (PLB) website. The PLB Board encourages all interested parties in the City of Pittsburgh to read and submit feedback both in person, at community meetings, and on the website. At the PLB Board of Directors meeting on February 10, 2017, the board announced that public meetings to gather feedback from the public will take place in the coming weeks. Five public meetings will be held between mid-March and mid-April in accessible locations across the City. You can sign up for further updates on the PLB website here.

PCRG has advocated for a land bank in Pittsburgh for a number of years. Staff members are currently reading and digesting the Policies and Procedures draft and will follow up with commentary on the document in the near future. We will keep our members and email list subscribers updated as we release further analysis of the Policies and Procedures. To stay informed, you can subscribe to our newsletter at this link.

PCRG would like to thank the Pittsburgh Land Bank Board and staff for releasing the Policies and Procedures to the public, more than thirty days before the first community meeting. You can read more of PCRG’s policy coverage of land banking on our Pittsburgh Land Bank policy page.

Sarah Slater

Program Coordinator, Land Use at Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group
Having grown up in the Pittsburgh area, Sarah left to study Business Administration and International Development at Houghton College, located in rural Western NY. She is thrilled to be back in the City and is eager to work with PCRG members to foster the growth of the region. Sarah is a passionate cook and loves exploring the multitude of ethnic grocery stores and farmers' markets that Pittsburgh has to offer.