17 Jan

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The policy agenda pursued by PCRG is shaped by the needs of our membership. For 2017, one of the major initiatives of PCRG’s policy department relates to the establishment and implementation of the Pittsburgh Land Bank (PLB).  

At the PLB Board of Directors meeting on January 13, 2017, the discussion centered around the release of the land bank’s Policies and Procedures, and the communications contract the PLB Board of Directors has signed to publicize those policies and procedures.

At the meeting, Ivette Mongalo represented her firm, Mongalo-Winston and Fourth Economy Consulting, who were awarded the initial communications contract for the PLB in December. Mongalo gave an update on the progress made on that contract so far. Mongalo-Winston and Fourth Economy will be developing an online presence for the land bank. Because the PLB will be established as an authority rather than a department of the City of Pittsburgh (like the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority, or the Port Authority), they will have a separate online presence from the City.  Mongalo-Winston and Fourth Economy will also be hosting the five community meetings required by the enabling legislation. Those community meetings will happen this winter and spring, starting in February and likely continuing through the end of March. Meetings will be held in each of the major regions of Pittsburgh.

The Board of Directors also announced that the Policies and Procedures will be released to the public by the end of January. The Policies and Procedures, a technical document that will govern the operation of the Pittsburgh Land Bank, is currently subject to internal review. It has also been reviewed by the city agencies who will be responsible for carrying out parts of the land recycling process facilitated by the land bank.  The Pittsburgh Land Bank will be accepting feedback in a variety of ways, and PCRG encourages our members and partners to make your voices heard.

To stay informed about the progress being made by the Pittsburgh Land Bank, you can sign up for official notifications from the Pittsburgh Land Bank here, or visit the Pittsburgh Land Bank website at http://pittsburghpa.gov/landbanking/. For more information about PCRG’s advocacy regarding the Pittsburgh Land Bank, visit our policy website: http://www.pcrg.org/policy/pittsburgh-land-bank/. You can also contact Chris Sandvig, Director of Policy, at csandvig@pcrg.org, or Alyssa Lyon, Manager of Community Outreach and Member Engagement, at alyon@pcrg.org, with any questions you may have.


Sarah Slater

Program Coordinator, Land Use at Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group
Having grown up in the Pittsburgh area, Sarah left to study Business Administration and International Development at Houghton College, located in rural Western NY. She is thrilled to be back in the City and is eager to work with PCRG members to foster the growth of the region. Sarah is a passionate cook and loves exploring the multitude of ethnic grocery stores and farmers' markets that Pittsburgh has to offer.