Welcome to PCRG’s Housing Opportunity Fund advocacy page. Below you can find information and materials on the creation of the fund and how it will potentially be funded.

Housing Opportunity Fund Overview

This past May, Mayor Peduto’s Affordable Housing Task Force published their findings and recommendations for how we can best retain and create housing within reach of low- and middle-income Pittsburghers. Their very first suggestion was the creation of an Affordable Housing Trust Fund, now known as the Housing Opportunity Fund (HOF). The HOF would be a pool of money, overseen by a governing and advisory board, which would create new affordable housing in city limits, as well as fund the rehabilitation of preexisting structures. The HOF, like all things, takes money, and the city has set $10 million per year as the initial funding goal. Which method or combination of methods the city should select to fund the HOF remains to be seen.

PCRG has heard from our members loud and clear that they do support the establishment of the HOF. However, our membership continues to grapple with how to best capitalize this fund in a responsible, self-sustaining fashion. At this point, PCRG has taken no stance on which sources of funding are the best and least burdensome to lower-income taxpayers, though we will continue to provide our members with research and analysis.


Contact PCRG

For more information about the HOF please contact Alix Levy, Research Analyst, at alevy@pcrg.org.

 PCRG Resources

Read PCRG’s policy brief on the the various funding streams available for the HOF and the benefits and downsides of each.

PCRG summarized the findings of the city’s May 2016 report on affordable housing in a brief, one page document. You can read it here.

External Resources

The city’s Affordable Housing Task Force, convened by Mayor Peduto, released a report in May 2016 detailing their findings and recommendations. Included in the report are in-depth maps, facts, and figures about the federal, state, and local funding opportunities for the HOF.

The city has also created a website for the Affordable Housing Task Force. There you can find resources such as needs assessments, a feasibility study, updates, and contact information for task force members.

In December 2016, Pittsburgh City Council created the HOF. You can learn more about that process from the Post-Gazette.