Welcome to PCRG’s Payday Lending page. We Hope these resources can help you educate your members on the dangers of payday loans and the opportunities available for helping meet the financial needs of the most vulnerable in your community.


Payday Lending Overview

Pennsylvania has some of the strongest laws in the nation protecting us from payday lenders, but the industry and their lobbyists are constantly trying to weaken them. Payday loans strip wealth from low-income communities and create a cycle of impoverishment as low-income borrowers try to meet the high interest rates and unfair terms. Not only do we have to provide education and alternatives to these borrowers, but mobilize our communities when the payday lending industry begins to influence Harrisburg. PCRG is happy to provide our members with ideas and support, and welcome you to use the materials below.

PayDay Lending Cartoon_6.2.14

Contact PCRG

For more information and any questions regarding payday lending, please contact Chris Sandvig, Director of Policy, at csandvig@pcrg.org.


PCRG Resources

The Twisted Mechanics of Payday Lending

Payday lending summary


External Resources

NCLC best practices guide for small dollar loans

Payday Loans Fact Sheet from Phew Charitable Trusts

A very good and thorough analysis/comment on a CFPB RFI on payday loans

Infographic from the CFPB

CFPB white paper on payday lending