• PCRG’s 22nd Annual Mortgage Lending Study
  • Mortgage lending study
PCRG’s 22nd Annual Mortgage Lending Study

This year, PCRG issued its 22nd Annual Mortgage Lending Study.

Findings in this year’s Annual Mortgage Lending Study have validated what many community development leaders long suspected: Pittsburgh and Allegheny County have suffered the same as the rest of the nation. Lending practices, starting well before the Great Recession, disproportionately exposed low-income communities and minority individuals to the disasters of the housing crash and continue to be a barrier to responsible homeownership. The findings are also being used by the group and local lending institutions to identify viable solutions to this persistent economic problem.

The full version of the 22st Annual Mortgage Lending Study can be found here.  Other PCRG research and past lending studies can be found here.

For more information, contact Alix Levy, PCRG’s Research Analyst, at aley@pcrg.org (412) 391-6732 ext. 202.

17th, August 2015
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