2016 Community Development Summit

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The 6th Annual Community Development Summit, held on May 17th-18th, 2016, was entitled “The Power of PLACE”.

PLACE. It has the power to unlock or limit opportunities–financial, social, educational. Place is central to life outcomes; place plays a part in determining life trajectory. Yet we must acknowledge the agency of people to define, make, and grow place, for without people, place loses meaning. How do we empower people with the skills, resources, and capacity to transition places into healthy, equitable, desirable communities for all? This question is what motivates the collaborative efforts of PCRG’s network and partners throughout the region.

Each year at the Summit, PCRG recognizes the people, projects, and organizations making a difference in community development in the region. Follow this link for more information about the awardees.

Find recordings of the keynote addresses delivered by Charles Montgomery and Ed McMahon, and follow along with the keynote presentations (available here). Visit our 2016 Summit page to read about the sessions presented at the 6th Annual Community Development Summit.

You can find the full 2016 Community Development Summit Program Book here.