Leadership Roundtables

PCRG convenes leadership roundtables within various constituencies to better meet our core goal of engaging our membership base to support and be supported by PCRG’s work. PCRG’s leadership roundtables organize leaders to focus on community development policy and resources for the revitalization of residential and commercial districts in Pittsburgh and the region.

  • The Executive Directors’ Roundtable brings the executive directors of our member organizations with paid staff together on common topics. These meetings are intended to foster local and state policy change, to increase the pool of resources to accomplish member missions, and to share best practices.
  • The Presidents’ Roundtable brings the executive leaders of our volunteer-based members together to hear about the challenges facing each of the members communities, to formulate learning exchanges, and to shape the community development policy agenda.
  • The County Member Roundtable brings the county members’ executives together on common topics that foster local and state policy change, increase the pool of resources available to accomplish their respective missions, and to share best practices.
  • [Currently on hiatus]: The Small Business Committee has worked with PCRG members, the Urban Renewal AgencyAllegheny County Economic Development, and bank partners to develop tools like the small business resource guide to assist loan officers and business district managers in working together with neighborhood-based businesses.
  • [Currently on hiatus]: The Safe Neighborhoods Network was established in 2008 as a grassroots roundtable of neighborhood safety leaders. SNN meetings bring in speakers and presenters to educate and discuss relevant community safety and quality of life topics such as illegal handgun ownership, gangs and violent groups, nuisance bars, and other issues that impede or incent economic development in Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods around community safety.