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Have a problem on your street and don’t know who in the City to call?  Want to know about crime problems in your neighborhood?  Need to report a crime anonymously? The links below will provide you with this information and much more.

City Complaints and Non-Emergencies

Pittsburgh’s Non-Emergency 311 Line

Need to find the phone number of a City department? Like to report a pothole or broken street light? Simply dial 311 and one of the cities service representatives will assist you. You can use the 311 Form online to contact them, or tweet to @PGH311.


Mayor’s Office
Room 512,
City-County Building
414 Grant Street
Pittsburgh, PA  15219
Phone: 412-255-2626
Fax: 412-255-2687

Pittsburgh Department of Permits, Licenses, and Inspections

The mission of the Pittsburgh Department of Permits, Licenses, and Inspections (PLI) is to provide life safety and a better quality of living to the residents of the City of Pittsburgh. The Department of Permits, Licenses and Inspections works closely with Public Safety Bureaus (Police and Fire), Finance, Public Works and the Department of City Planning’s Zoning Department. They review, approve, and issue all permits required by code for the repair, alteration, or addition to all public and private buildings and structures, as well as permits for new construction.  


Department of Permits, Licenses, and Inspections
200 Ross Street – 3rd Floor
Pittsburgh, PA  15219

Pittsburgh Department of Public Works

Public Works is dedicated to providing creative, customer-friendly
service while maintaining the City’s infrastructure by resurfacing streets, preserving park facilities and rehabilitating public structures.The department also meets the environmental needs of Pittsburgh residentsby collecting residential refuse and recyclables and controlling the animal population. It also ensures public safety by responding to weather-related emergencies such as flooding, land subsidence, snow and ice storms, and other disasters.

Public Works is comprised of four Bureaus, including Administration, Street/Parks Operations, Environmental Services, and Transportation & Engineering.


Public Works
301 City-County Building
414 Grant Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15219


Crime Statistics and Alerts
SWPACP logoSouthwestern Pennsylvania Community ProfilesSouthwestern Pennsylvania Community Profiles (SWPA Community Profiles) is a new way to collect, analyze, and understand information across a range of domains to look at our neighborhoods and communities in a comprehensive data fashion. SWPA Community Profiles presents community data and indicators in a series of interactive tables and maps. SWPA Community Profiles will allow users to understand and visualize data along a range of geographic areas in our communities and region.Contact:

University of Pittsburgh
University Center for Social and Urban Research (UCSUR)
3343 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15260


Phone: 412.624.5114
Fax: 412-624-4810

wprdc logoWestern Pennsylvania Regional Data Center

The Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center supports key community initiatives by making public information easier to find and use. The Data Center provides a technological and legal infrastructure for data sharing to support a growing ecosystem of data providers and data users.


University Center for Social and Urban Research
Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center
3343 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15260


Phone: 412-624-9177
Fax: 412-624-4810

Spot Crime

Spot Crime is a website designed to give personalized updates of crime reports specific to your address.  You can receive alerts and updates either through email or through a text message sent to your phone.


300 E. Lombard St., Suite 840
Baltimore, MD 21202

FBI Offenses Known to Law Enforcement

The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program collects offenses that come to the attention of law enforcement for violent crime and property crime, as well as data regarding clearances of these offenses. In addition, the FBI collects auxiliary data about these offenses (e.g., time of day of burglaries). The expanded offense data also include trends in both crime volume and crime rate per 100,000 inhabitants. Finally, the UCR Program collects expanded homicide data which includes information about homicide victims and offenders, weapons used, the circumstances surrounding the offenses, and justifiable homicides.

Sex Offender’s Registry (Megan’s Law)

Pennsylvania’s General Assembly has determined that public safety will be enhanced by making information about registered sex offenders available to the public through the Internet. Knowledge whether a person is a registered sex offender could be a significant factor in protecting yourself, your family members, or persons in your care from recidivist acts by registered sex offenders. Public access to information about registered sex offenders is intended solely as a means of public protection.



Police Contacts and Crime Reporting

Zone Map/ Police Contacts by Zone





Clicking on the map will give you a larger view.  To find the webpage where this map is sourced from, and for a more detailed version, visit this link which will take you to the Pittsburgh Community Safety Website.



Police Station-Cmdr. RaShall Brackney: 412-323-7201- 1501 Brighton Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Community Relations Officer: Forrest Hodges, forrest.hodges@pittsburghpa.gov

Public Safety Council: 1st Thursday each month, Allegheny Center, Building 4, St. 604

Neighborhoods: Allegheny Center, Allegheny West, Brighton Heights, California – Kirkbride, Central Northside, Chateau, East Allegheny, Fineview, Manchester, Marshall-Shadeland, North Shore, Northview Heights, Perry North, Perry South, Spring Garden, Spring Hill, Summer Hill, Troy Hill

Police Station-Cmdr. Eric L. Holmes:412-255-2827- 2000 Centre Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Community Relations Officer: Marlease Porter, marlease.porter@pittsburghpa.gov

Public Safety Council: 4th Thursday each month at Hill House, 7 pm (1835 Centre Ave.)

Neighborhoods: Bedford Dwellings, Bluff, Central Business District, Crawford Roberts, Lawrenceville (Upper), Lawrenceville (Central), Lawrenceville (Lower), Middle Hill, Polish Hill, Strip District, Terrace Village, Upper Hill

Police Station-Cmdr. Cathy McNeilly-412-488-8326-830 East Warrington Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15210

Community Relations Officer: Christine Luffey, christine.luffey@pittsburghpa.gov

Public Safety Committee: 3rd Wednesday each month at the Zone 3 Police Station, 6 pm

Neighborhoods: Allentown, Arlington, Arlington Heights, Banksville, Beechview, Beltzhoover, Bon Air, Brookline, Carrick, Duquesne Heights, Knoxville, Mt. Oliver, Mt. Washington, Overbrook, Ridgemont, St. Clair, South Shore, South Side Flats, South Side Slopes

Police Station-Cmdr. M. Katherine Degler-412-422-6520-5858 Northumberland Street Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Community Relations Officer: Shannon Leshen, shannon.leshen@pittsburghpa.gov

Public Safety Council: Meets on a quarterly basis, contact the Community Relations Officer

Neighborhoods: Central Oakland, Glen Hazel, Greenfield, Hays, Hazelwood, Lincoln Place, New Homestead, North Oakland, Point Breeze, Point Breeze North, Regent Square, Shadyside, South Oakland, Squirrel Hill North, Squirrel Hill South, Swisshelm Park, West Oakland

Police Station-Cmdr. Timothy O’Connor- 412-665-3605- 1401 Washington Blvd. Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Community Relations Officer: Michael Gay, michael.gay@pittsburghpa.gov

Public Safety Council: Meets 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7pm at the Union Project (N. Negley Ave @ Stanton Ave)

Neighborhoods: Bloomfield, East Hills, East Liberty, Friendship, Garfield, Highland Park, Homewood, Larimer, Lincoln – Lemington – Belmar, Morningside, North Oakland, Stanton Heights

Police Station-Cmdr. Scott Schubert-412-937-3051-Special Deployment Division- 312 S. Main Street Pittsburgh PA 15220

Community Relations Officer: Ken Stevwing, kenneth.stevwing@pittsburghpa.gov

Neighborhoods: Chartiers City, Crafton Heights, East Carnegie, Elliott, Esplen, Fairywood, Oakwood, Ridgemont, Sheraden, West End, Westwood, Windgap

Pittsburgh Police Community Safety Website

The Pittsburgh Community Safety Website is a new initiative by the Pittsburgh Police to create a user friendly interface for the citizens of Pittsburgh.  The website includes a police blotter to report crime, a section to submit a tip to police, up-to-date safety alerts, and a comprehensive list of city-wide blockwatch groups.

Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office

For Allegheny County residents.  Submit a tip, read the most wanted, learn about various divisions, and get info about Sheriff sales.


Phone: 412-350-4711
Email: acso@alleghenycourts.us

Pittsburgh Emergency Management Agency

Pittsburgh EMA works with city, county, regional, state, and federal government partners, businesses, and non-government organizations to develop all hazards plans for natural disasters and man-made events.


J.P. Robins Civic Building
200 Ross Street – 5th Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Citizen’s Police Review Board

The Citizen Police Review Board (CPRB) is an independent agency set up to investigate citizen complaints about improper police conduct. The CPRB is made up of seven unpaid board members appointed by City Council and the Mayor.  Board members serve a four-year term.  While serving, they oversee all aspects of complaint handling:  from initial review to public hearings and meetings to recommendations, if applicable.


Citizen Police Review Board
816 5th Avenue, Suite 400
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Phone: (412) 765-8023
Fax: (412) 765-8059

Pittsburgh Police Anonymous Tip


Allegheny County Sheriff’s Anonymous Tip


If you can’t find the information you need, the City’s 311 line is always a helpful resource for non-emergencies.