27 May

Our Vision for This Year’s Land Bank Summit

Whether you have already adopted a land bank, are in the planning stages or are just learning and exploring the possibilities, we invite you to come, spend the day with peers to talk and learn about land banking in PA. Our hope for this year is to provide inspiration and information to local leaders who are implementing or trying to enact land banks in their communities.

This year’s summit builds on Pennsylvania talent. Almost all of the resource people are the pioneers and leaders moving land banks forward throughout the state. We encourage all participants to speak up throughout and make the time and information work for you. We will even be sitting at round tables throughout the day and will spend the last hour in regionally relevant groups so that rural, small city and big city folk can each meet with those whose circumstances are similar. And we hope that you will meet people who can be an ongoing resource for you as part of our PA Land Bank Peer Network.

The summit will feature the launch of our Land Bank Library, an online searchable resource for policies, ordinances, funding documents, press clippings, plans and everything else land banks all in one place.

We thank the Pennsylvania Association of Housing and Redevelopment Agencies (PAHRA) for working in partnership with us to make their spring conference and expo available as the forum for the summit. This is a great partnership!

This program is presented in cooperation with the Governor’s Center for Local Government Services with funds from the annual appropriation from the General Assembly to the Department of Community and Economic Development.  Trainees are admitted without regard to race, color, age, sex, religion, political affiliation, national origin or disability.

We look forward to seeing you in Chocolate Town USA on June 9th to teach, share, learn, network and move forward in reclaiming Pennsylvania’s blighted, abandoned, vacant land and putting it to good use.

Liz Hersh
Executive Director
Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania