Tell Port Authority How You Want to Pay for Transit

12 Aug

Paying to ride is complicated, but Port Authority wants to make it simpler. Tell them how.

We’ve all screamed, and they’ve heard us. Watch this video:



So, now that they’re listening, let’s tell them what we want!

And, maybe win some tickets from Opus One Productions.

There’s still time! Simply go to

Tell Port Authority what you think about fare collection and how it can be better.  We all have ideas, and they want to hear them. Port Authority hopes to make formal recommendations to their Board over the winter.

And, if you have more you want to say, head on over to here:

A bunch of ideas are floating around on the site, with people commenting and making their own new ones.  So can you!

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Chris Sandvig

Regional Policy Director at Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group (PCRG)
Chris works on regional and state issues impacting PCRG’s member communities and manages our GoBurgh program. He’s a long-time transit advocate, Morningside resident, and commutes to work via bike or bus almost every day. Prior to PCRG, Chris spent 9 years in corporate business development for industrial and commercial engineered HVAC systems. He holds a BS in Industrial Engineering from Penn State and a MS in Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University, where he concentrated on urban and regional economic development and public finance.
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